How to Get to the T-TESS Certification Test

Here are the steps to follow to get to the T-TESS certification test:

1. Login to the site by clicking on the  'Login' link on the top menu. 

2. Login with your Username and Password on the 'Login' Page.

3. Click on the 'Appraisers' link on the top menu.

4. On the 'Appraisers' page click on the 'Certification Test' link on the left menu. 

5. For the T-TESS Certification Test, follow the steps in the order that they are presented (Complete the Training Survey, Rate a Teacher Lesson, Answer Questions about Conferences)

When you complete a step you will see a check mark stating that you have completed that section. 

6. Once you have 'Passed' all of the steps of the certification test you will be presented with the option to 'Print' your certificate of completion.
(You will need pop-ups enabled on your browser in order to print your certificate)

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