District Administrator: How to Verify Who is Certified in T-TESS via a Report

You must first be logged in and have District Administrator Access

  1.  On the site’s top menu click on 'Districts', then click on the 'District Reports' option from the dropdown menu.    

  2. Next, at Report Options, filter by 'Year' and 'Status' to determine who is 'Certified' or 'Not Certified' in your district.    

    4. From here you can either view the results of the report in the grid area, or you can click on one of the 'Export' buttons to export the results to an PDF or Excel document. The file will automatically download to your computer once the button is pressed.

    5. From the results grid, you can 'Print' a copy of that person's certificate of completion by clicking on the 'Print' button to the right of their name.  

  3. 6. You can also view the number of those who are Certified/Not Certified in your district by viewing the Certification Statuses pie chart.

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