District Administrator: How to Verify Who is Certified in T-TESS via a Report

If you are wanting to know who in your district is certified in T-TESS, you will need to run a report. To do so, please follow these instructions. 

Please note that your user role in the TeachForTexas.org will need to be District Administrator.

  1. Go to TeachforTexas.org and click on the 'Login' link at the top right of the page to login to your existing account.

  2.  On the site’s top menu click on 'Districts', then click on 'District Reports' on the left menu 

  3. Next, choose the drop-down menus in the Report Options section to filter your results that will automatically be shown below in the grid. 

    4. From here you can either view the results of the report in the grid area, or you can click on one of the 'Export' buttons to export the results to an Excel or PDF document. The file will automatically download to your computer once the button is pressed.

    ***From the results grid, you can  Email the person directly by clicking on their email address. This will open up a new email from the email software that is on your computer.                                                        

    ***You can also  Print a copy of that person's certificate of completion by clicking on the 'Print' button to the right of the person's name.  

  4. 5. To view the passing/failing scores of those who have taken the certification test, simply click on the 'Scores' button for the report to be automatically downloaded to your computer. 

    6. You can also view the percentage of those who are Certified/Not Certified in your district by viewing the Appraiser Certification pie chart. Simply hover over the 'Certified' or 'Not Certified' areas of the chart and you will be given a percentage number. 

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