Trainers: How to 'Approve' Training Participants

Please note that this is ONLY for the trainers that teach the 3 day T-TESS trainings.

Trainers, here are the steps to 'Approve' your training participants from your training classes.

1. Go to the website.

2. Click on the 'Login' link on the top menu and login with your  Username and Password.

3. Once logged in click on the 'Trainers' link at the top menu. 

On the Trainers page you will see the participants listed that were in your class and have already created their own account, and need to be 'Approved'  in order to have access to take their certification exam and administrative areas of the website.  

NOTE: If there is someone on the list that did NOT attend your training session please delete their account

4. Select the checkbox next to the name of the participants that you would like to 'Approve' ( Note: you can click the top checkbox to select All users.) Then click on the 'Approve Selected Accounts' button below the listing. That's it!

Once you have clicked on the 'Approve Selected Accounts' button, the participants' names will be removed from the list. They will be notified by the system via email that they now have  full access to the admin sections of the website and can now take their T-TESS Certification Test. 

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