District Administrator: How to Make a User Inactive/Active

When those with the role of Observer, School Administrator, or Assistant School Administrator leave your district, we can now make their account Inactive so that they no longer have access to the district or campus information. 

When this has been done, the user that has been made Inactive will only have access to the Appraisers page in order to take the T-TESS certification test as well as the materials and resources available to them. 

  1. Go to TeachforTexas.org and click on the 'Login' link at the top right of the page to login to your existing account.

  2. On the site’s top menu click on 'Districts', then click on 'Evaluation Management' on the left menu 

    Next, click on the blue  'Access' button. 

3. On the  Evaluation Management page, click on the 'User Accounts' icon. You can then search for the user you are looking for.

Then click on the  'Edit' link to the left of the person's name. 

Then in the 'Active' section, uncheck the checkbox to update the person's status. Once completed, click on the 'Save' button to save the changes.

**Alternatively, to make them 'Active' again, you will need to make sure the checkbox is checked then click on the 'Save' button.

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