Can T-TESS training be offered as a university course?

Yes. T-TESS trainers, who are also university personnel, are allowed to host T-TESS training as a university course, as long as the following is maintained as stated in the trainer agreement:

A. Deliver training with fidelity according to the intent and purpose

  • Deliver T-TESS training with fidelity, adhering to and thoroughly communicating the purpose and process of T-TESS;
  • Adhere to the T-TESS training materials as designed and vetted and deliver with fidelity the content of each training;
  • Provide training participants with the necessary printed and other supporting materials for T-TESS training sessions;
  • Conduct T-TESS training through in-person settings or online instruction facilitated in full, with a live (not prerecorded) trainer only; self-paced or prerecorded delivery in any setting is not permitted; and
  • Utilize official training materials only with T-TESS participants, and as permitted through authorized training sessions.

B. Ensure consistent quality of the training experience for all participants

  • Work with co-trainers to ensure the consistency and integrity of the experience for all participants;
  • Deliver the training according to the provided structure and sequence unless variation is authorized by the state evaluation hub;
  • Submit for T-TESS certification only those individuals who received the entire T-TESS training in the appropriate sequence (Note: Participants must experience each day of training sequentially, i.e., they cannot start with Day 2);
  • Manage required documentation promptly to facilitate participant experience and the state evaluation hub process management; and
  • Provide feedback to the state evaluation hub regarding the training process and materials to assist in continuous improvement of T-TESS, when applicable.

C. Stay current with training updates to provide participants with the most up-to-date information and resources.

  • Attend updates and participate in coaching as required by the state evaluation hub and/or TEA;
  • Notify the state evaluation hub of all scheduled trainings at least 30 days before the start of the training; and
  • Maintain certification as a T-TESS Trainer by completing annual updates and recertification, as required.

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