District Administrator: How to Run Non-Summative Reports on Teachers

  1. Go to TeachforTexas.org and click on the Login link at the top right of the page to login to your existing account.

  2. On the site’s top menu click on 'Districts', then click on 'Evaluation Management' on the left menu 

    Next, click on the blue 'Access' button. 

  3. On the Evaluation Management page you can get to the Teacher Reports. 

    You can click on the 'Teacher Reports' link.  
  4. Next, click on the 'View Teacher Observations Reports' button. Then, click on the Report Type, School, and/or School Year that you would like to observe. Then click the 'View Report' button.
  5. You can then print and/or export the report as needed by clicking the icons listed below. 

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