Certification Test: Video Stopped Working/ Closed

If your video has stopped or closed all of a sudden please try the resolutions below to fix your issue. 

1. Refresh your page to see if it allows the test to load properly. You will not lose your current testing settings.


2. Can you please try logging out and logging back in. You will not lose your current testing settings.

Additionally, do all of the following below to ensure that you test will work properly.

  • Make sure that the internet browser you are using is the most up to date version
  • Try going to the site on other internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari (Do not use Internet Explorer)

**Please Note: This is only the solution for the video portion of the certification test and NOT for the post-conference questions. Post-conference questions are not able to be saved at this time. 

If your video is showing up as a small screen instead of enlarged, please do the following to remedy this issue and get your video to the proper size:

Please zoom your browser size out to see if the video screen becomes large. Here is a helpful site that will show you how to do with keyboard shortcuts if you are not sure how. 


*If after following the above you are still not able to view the video for the certification test, please provide us with a screenshot of your you are seeing and let us know if you are getting any error messages to support@teachfortexas.org. 

Additionally let us know if you are using a desktop/laptop or a tablet as well as what internet browsers you have tried to view the videos for the certification test. 

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