How to Become a 'District Administrator'

Existing Users:
If you have an existing account on the website, and need to change your role to a  'District Administrator' we will need confirmation directly from your Superintendent in order to move forward with your request. 

They can email us directly at with approval of your request to change your role.

New Users:
If you are new to the website only and are currently in the 3 day T-TESS training, when your trainer has instructed you to create a new account, you will need to choose the role of 'District Administrator'.

Once your trainer has approved your account first, your district's Superintendent will automatically be sent an email explaining that you are requesting to have the role and access of a  'District Administrator'. Once your Superintendent replies back to that email with their approval, we will then approve your account so that you have full access to the website

If you are not sure if you should be a 'District Administrator' or not please see this helpful support article that explains the roles and their access on the website.

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